December 26, 2007

100 Tips for Etsy Sellers from Etsy Sellers!

I am calling for the submission of your best seller tip that you might
share with other etsy-ians. It can range from the practical, for example "always cross check your buyers address on etsy to the one on Paypal, to more "life affirming," for example, remember during the holidays to take the
time to clear your mind and to quietly breath.

Please make you tips concise and clear.

This article is for my blog, and hopefully for the storque. Each tip will have a hot link to the sellers store. A great way to get traffic!

Send me your tip in the format below to nickandnoraphoto at gmail dot com
convo me at etsy, or just comment on this blog!

Email Header: My Esty Tip
In the Email
Tip: --- "always cross check your buyers address on etsy to the one on paypal "
Your Etsy Name: - --- mycatlulu
Your http:// of etsy seller id, ----


jeynreyn said...

My Esty Tips

1) I try to respond to Etsy sale emails as soon as possible to let them know when their package will be sent out and I always include a pic attachment of what they just bought. I also make sure to include any promo attachments currently running or mention it in the p.s. field of my email.

2) I try to keep up and post new items to my shop at least once a week, and because I am always coming up with new ideas, I've been doing this in a "series" of each type of item (magnets one week, stuffed animals the next,etc.), in order to offer a variety of stuff to choose from (different colors, styles of the same time of item). So far, it has seemed to bring more attention to my shop.

3) When in the Etsy discussion forums, I not only noticed that people would check out my shop, but that my avatar pic seemed to make a difference. I basically changed it from my logo to one of my popular items and I was noticing that I was getting more hearts or eventual sales.

Hope this helps others...

MyCatLulu- Becca said...
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