January 7, 2008

Great Northern California Power Outage: and great meaning huge, not wonderful.

Since last Friday morning my Mountain Goat and I have been with no power. PG&E says it might be as long as Thursday until we get power. Yuck!!! Although I am back at work and enjoying my breaktime blogging --nothing is nicer than coming home to a well lit home and a unmelted refrigerator full of goodies. This power outage has been even more dreadful because we are out of propane, which means also no hot water..... woooooooozahs.

Fallen Oak Tree
On the plus side, my honey and I had a lot of snuggle time and conversation time. We also enjoy watching one dvd that was no longer than one hour and thirty minutes. The first night we watch Kolshak, and the next night we watch One Million BC. Which was appropriate given our present situation.

Things to remember and prepare for next time:
• Extra laptop battery
• Fill tub with water if a big storm is coming. I ended up gathering rainwater and filling the tub so we could at least be as civilized as the romans.
• Various penny press game books that you don't break out until the power goes out
• Flash lights with batteries, and head lamps
• Candles
• 7 day supply of drinking water and canned goods.
• List of emergency numbers on hand printed out...
• Sense of humor and patients.

Hopefully this will be behind me sooner than Thursday and I can be back to my normal routine.
working by candlelightworking by candlelight


Mary Hamilton said...

Sorry to hear about your "hurricane". Great blog!

Anna said...

Glad you're back online! Just wanted to let you know that I've featured you today for the 90/90 challenge.