January 3, 2008

A look at Damdesigns

The genius behind Damdesigns is a Bay Area artist name Danelle. She has been making art since she was three! Constantly working on different drawings and paintings she does put all her heart into her art! Currently her plans include showing her work in the bay area.

Not only does Danelle create lovely paintings she also is a founding member of a selfless etsy street team called EtsyFriendsChairty

From their profile:
EtsyFriends is a new Etsy Street team made up of members from all over. EtsyFriends shops sell a variety of items. It is a team for people who want to try and make real friends from the Etsy world which in turn helps promote Etsy as a whole and all the individuals in the team!

The Info:


DAMdesigns said...

Yay awsome! Thanks so muc Cat! Love the kitty on your blog

MyCatLulu- Becca said...

Thanks damdesigns, that is my lulu!