January 14, 2008

Through the Viewfinder - A look at CitrusTree

Stacy Beck owner of CitrusTree is an artist after my own heart. At her shop you will not only find some great cards but you'll also find some nostalgic photography that she created with a process called "Through the View Finder."
With her old brownie camera and her latest digital camera in hand she combines the two to make classic looking and feeling photographs. Her photographs are printed on archival paper, with a luster finish and are ready for framing.

The piece above reminds me of the end of Billy Collins' poem Nostalgia:
As usual, I was thinking about the moments of the past,
letting my memory rush over them like water
rushing over the stones on the bottom of a stream.
I was even thinking a little about the future, that place
where people are doing a dance we cannot imagine,
a dance whose name we can only guess.

If you cannot get enough of her work she is having a show at:
D'Art Gallery
116 Pleasant Street
East Hampton, MA

The Info:
Shop: CitrusTree.etsy.com
Blog: citrustreedesigns.blogspot.com

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Leslie Hahn said...

Thanks for the compliment..you made my night! btw..Cats are my first love!
Mine are in my blog here and there :)