January 30, 2008

WittyWorkShop Whimsical Works

Valérie Parizeault owner of Etsy Shop WittyWorkShop does it all. You can see from her shop that she is an amazing illustrator but she is all a jewelry maker, graphic designer and an ART TEACHER. How does she have all this time? She is a multi-tasking queen. Her work is inspired by whimsical moments -- her art is such that I expected to see in a picture book and be the next Caldecott Medall winner. I love this image of the dragon and the photographer. Just reminds me of my young days as a photographer.

Part of the 90 Day Challenge. Read more about the 90 day challenge here.


Valerie said...

thank you for this lovely review :)

Kreated by Kelly said...

This 90 day challenge is really interesting -- I just looked into it, but need to look into it some more because it seems to have grown exponentially. I am also liking the idea of the create a thing that starts in Feb. Gonna have to look into that too *smiles* I dunno how I stumbled onto your blog, but am thrilled I did!! Cheers!!!