May 11, 2008

Christina Kim and the LPGA

Today at the LPGA Michelob Ultra Open Annika Sorenstam won easily with shooting five under par for the day for a total of 19 under for the entire tournament. Wooozahs! But this post isn't to talk about Sorenstam great come back from injury but rather to highlight the person who I really enjoyed seeing and that is Christina Kim.

Christina Kim joined the LPGA back in 2003. I started watching the LPGA since I have recently taken up the game of golf. In the Pro Am last month Kim was all smiles with the actor James Conn. This week we got to see her more because she was in the top four in the last day. What a way to rock on! But Kim's amazing drives, awesome chips, or her outstanding putts-- it is for her absolutely rockin' golf personality. You can tell that she loves to play the game, she shows what she is feeling both ways and always in the end has a smile on her face. Thanks Christina for making the game fun! If you're in the Santa Cruz area, lets go play a round of golf!

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Patricia said...

I love your blog...and you're so right about Christina Kim. She's such a fun player to watch and I think it would be AWESOME to see her start playing top level golf like she did at Michelob.

She's got such personality...more that one can say for Annika unfortunately.

Yes, I hope we see lots more of Christina!