May 1, 2008


Lately I have been trying to find my groove with running. Which for me is a very big step. In the history of me -- running was always something I didn't do. It was my sister who was an amazing cross country runner and who at age 17 already ran the Wharf to Wharf and at age 26 ran a marathon. My sister Sarah, is truly amazing.

But then I got the running bug. It didn't come on fast like the flu but slowly. Last year I started doing power walks during lunch. My great friend Pats gave me book about running. She said you don't have to go fast you just have to go. Pats moved, I changed jobs, and then I finally picked up the book "No Need for Speed" The author laid out the basics about running. I decided to try it. (this was about middle of Feb) I was able to run/jog/waddle two miles during my lunch break and it felt great. I continued running along with my cross training of yoga and strength training. Then I tried going three miles! I can do that in about 50 mins now on a flat track. But I gotta book it.

Couple of weeks later the husband comes home with a entry flyer for the wharf to wharf. "You could totally do this, Becca! " Hesitant at first, I wasn't sure if I wanted to sign up. My slug buddy told me abt a free training group so that was rad!!!

Now I am training, working towards a goal and enjoying every almost every moment of it.

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jeyn reyn said...

Yeah..Go Becca! Hopefully I'll be able to join up with you soon! :o) Jeyn