December 26, 2009

Don't Forget to Write Your Thank You Notes!

They french owl says Thanks!
With Christmas falling on a Friday it gives you all weekend to write your thank you notes!

Here are a few tips:
Make it personal, I did this by goccing some homemade cards.

Write Thank You's as soon as possible. The joy of a persons gift will still be in your mind, making a thank you note easier to write.

Address the family by writing something thoughtful about each person, or write about something they said while you where visiting with them --personally I am sending over the asked for recipe for the dish I brought to Christmas dinner.

A Thank You doesn't have to be for a physical gift. Did a friend of yours help clean up your house before your big party ? Send a little thank you note letting her know how much it meant to you.

Use the US Postal Service Zip Code Lookup to add the 4 digit extension to make First Class Mailing even faster

If your still stuck on what to write here is what Emily Post has to say.

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