September 1, 2010

The top 10 things I learned from my child birthing prep class

This past five Tuesdays my husband and I have been heading off to Childbirth Prep classes.    I am really happy I went because there was just so much I didn't know.  Here is a list of the Top 10 things I learned.

1. Birth is natural

2. When faced with a medical intervention ask your self BRAN

3. In early labor where  you have about 30 seconds of contractions that can be 5 to 30 mins apart practice the following:

    Relaxation /  Rest
    Eat  (something healthy)
    Activity (be distract)
    Drink - sip water after each contraction or more ... .Papa's be sure that Momma's do this!

4. A General rule to go to the hospital
5 - contractions 5 minute apart
1 - minute in length
1 - for a full hour

5. What they call Transition is the hardest stage of labor where Contractions 90 seconds 1-3 minutes apart 

6. When it comes to labor and contractions change positions often

7. When giving birth TURN OFF YOUR brain, find ways to cope with the pain including -breath, distraction, environment, focal point, massage

8. Breath!!  In through the hose out through the mouth.
Cleansing breath first - longer exhale at the end with a sound
matching in and out

9.  Postpartum is hard, have support

10. Frequency is the key to breatfeeding

This is what I learned form my class, what have you learned about labor, any tips for me in this upcoming time?

You can learn more at Transition to Parenthood website.

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